García González, Julia

Universidad de Granada. Patrimonio Herido. Researchers

PhD in Art History from the University of Granada and archaeologist; “Master in Art History: Knowledge and Guardianship of Historical Heritage” by the University of Granada, “Master in Archeology” by the University of Granada, Master in Teaching by the University of Málaga. She has completed the Second Module of the Master “Architettura e Progetto por the University” of Roma Tre. She currently works as a PhD Assistant Professor in the Department of Art History of the University of Granada teaching in the Bachelor's degrees in Tourism, in Art History, in the Bachelor's Degree in Comparative Literatures and in the Bachelor's Degree in Restoration and Conservation of Cultural Assets. Her main line of research starts from the study of the architectural presence in archaeological sites as an instrument from which to return the archaeological heritage to the community. Since 2017 she has led the Research Project approved by the Ministry of Culture “Archaeological interventions in the Talayotic town of Torre Dén Galmés (Alaior). Systematic study of the constructive processes of Talayotic architecture”.

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