Ferrer Galbán, Laura

Universidad de Málaga. Patrimonio Herido. Researchers

Bachelor in Art History by University of Santiago de Compostela, she carried out her academic internship at the Museo de las Peregrinaciones y de Santiago dealing with documentation tasks taken in their iconographic dimension of the Jacobean phenomenon. She has also been part of some projects to highlight the relevance of the cultural and natural heritage linked to the Camino de Santiago within the volunteer teams of the Xunta de Galicia. Interested in cultural dialogue in the Middle Ages on the Iberian Peninsula, this year she is taking the interuniversity Master's degree "The Medieval Iberian World: Hispania, al-Andalus, Sepharad" offered by the University of Malaga and the Autonomous University of Madrid. She simultaneously enjoys a Collaboration Scholarship granted by the Ministry of Education allowing her to participate in the Wounded Heritage project, developed and maintained by Art History Department of the University of Malaga.

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