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Teresa Sauret Guerrero is Full Professor and Chair of Art History at the University of Malaga, (currently as Professor Emeritus). She was director of the Municipal Heritage Museum of Málaga between 2006 and 2013, and she is the author of its museological and museographic projects. She has the art and culture of the 19th century, Iconography, Museology, Heritage and Gender Studies as main lines of research. Since 1991 she has been MR of 6 projects included in the National Research Plan, involving innovation of methodologies for the study of Heritage, particullary Movable one, and deepening of models for territorial identity and Gender studies. She inaugurated studies in Gender and Art History at the University of Málaga as a member of the SEIM, and also the Cultural Management and Curatorial Practices in the Bachelor's and Master's degrees in Art History at the UMA. She has been founder and director of the Museum and Territory Journal (Junta de Andalucía) and evaluator for both the National Agencies (Aneca, Anep, AGAUR) and high-impact national scope academic journals. She is a Full Academician member of the Fine Arts of San Telmo in Málaga and Correspondent of the Fine Arts of San Carlos in Valencia, San Jordi in Barcelona and Our Lady of Angustias in Granada, and Patron of the Fundación Museo Carmen Thyssen Málaga too.

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