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Participate. (Wounded Heritage project. Mgmt: Nuria Rodríguez Ortega. iArtHis_LAB Research Group). Available at https://patrimonioherido.iarthislab.eu/en_US/participate/ [18 de June de 2024 17:12]

Antonio Cruces Rodríguez. Universidad de Málaga.

Cruces Rodríguez, A. (06/18/2024). Participate. Patrimonio Herido. https://patrimonioherido.iarthislab.eu/en_US/participate/
Cruces Rodríguez, Antonio. "Participate". Patrimonio Herido, iArtHis_LAB Research Group, 06/18/2024, https://patrimonioherido.iarthislab.eu/en_US/participate/
Cruces Rodríguez, A. (2024) 'Participate', Patrimonio Herido, 06/18/2024. Available at: https://patrimonioherido.iarthislab.eu/en_US/participate/ (Accessed: 01/29/2021)
Antonio Cruces Rodríguez, “Participate”. Patrimonio Herido. 01/29/2021. https://patrimonioherido.iarthislab.eu/en_US/participate/

Do you want to participate?

Follow these simple steps…

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Caring for cultural heritage, our common heritage, is a responsibility that challenges us all. We all can and must participate. Your action is important and we need it. All you have to do is have a mobile device at hand and be registered on the Wounded Heritage platform. Know how to be a part of this collaborative initiative.

as easy as ➀, ➁, ➂…

  • learn

    STEP 1. Find out how to work with Wounded Heritage; 15 minutes. What can I do and in what way? Includes videos and a "quick cheat sheet".

  • sign up

    STEP 2. We respect your privacy, but we need to know something about you; 1 minute. You will receive a message in your email account.

  • sign in

    STEP 3. So we are sure who you are; you only need your email and password; 1 minute. As long as you do not close the browser, you will remain connected.

  • compile and submit

    AND THEN… At your computer, fill in the data form, insert photos, tell us what you know; 3 to 15 minutes. We are immediately notified of your submission.

  • photocomplaint

    …OR MAYBE… If you see heritage in danger on the street, take a pic and tell us very shortly about the problem; 1 or 2 minutes. Your phone will report us of the position.

  • ckeck

    WE ALWAYS CHECK WHAT YOU SEND. We take care of verifying and completing your data. We're Art History Department of the UMA. Scientific quality is guaranteed.

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